1. Advanced Workflows
  2. Prioritize Snapshots

Saving Snapshots for a Layerfile Runner

Sometimes, you may have a preview environment which you want persisted so that environments don’t have to load for external stakeholders, if you need to test out a webapp for a longer period of time etc.

Prioritizing snapshots enables you to save a group of snapshots associated with a Layerfile Runner such that snapshots are not deleted, and environments are persisted.

To enable this feature for your organization, please contact a member of our team at [email protected].

Once enabled, go to a Layerfile Runner and click on the button “Prioritize Snapshot”.

View of Prioritize Snapshot

If a snapshot is already prioritized, you’ll be prompted with a modal to confirm deleting the previously saved snapshots.

View of Overriding a Snapshot

Once a snapshot is saved, you have the option of deprioritizing the snapshot by clicking on the button to “Deprioritize Snapshot”.

View of Deprioritize Snapshot