Webapp.io is happy to announce hosting! Deploy your project directly to a virtual machine and connect it to a domain of your choice!

To enable webapp.io hosting, please contact our team so we can enable it for your account.

It’s simple to deploy a virtual machine (VM) on webapp.io. To deploy a VM you’ll need to Sign Up and connect your GitHub account to webapp.io.

Webapp.io supports multiple languages, so if your stack runs on linux we probably support it. We can also build and deploy anything with a Dockerfile or Docker Compose file. So whether you’re running a Node JS, Python, Rails, Ruby, Elixir, Go, or Rust project, we have native support for it.

With webapp.io’s deployment via our virtual machines, you get access to the following:

  • Free virtual machines
  • Webapp.io’s quickstart experience that makes coldstarts feel hot
  • Custom domains (including wildcard domains)
  • Free SSL and Automated Certificate Management for TLS
  • Debugging terminal to debug your virtual machine
  • Virtual machine analytics (CPU, Disk, Memory)
  • Preview environments on every commit
  • Built-in CI/CD

Review the Snapshots and Environment Lifecycle docs to learn more about how we achieve a fast cold-start and what the state of your VM is.