Layerfile Reference

FROM [source]

The FROM instruction tells what base to use to run tests from.

There can only be one FROM line in a Layerfile, and it must always be the first directive in the Layerfile.

For now, only FROM vm/ubuntu:18.04 is allowed as a top level, but inheriting from other Layerfiles is possible.

Node v18 is currently not supported by Ubuntu 18.04. Please refer to this issue for more details.

To build a project with Node v18, consider using Docker or Docker Compose. A tutorial can be found here.


  • Use FROM vm/ubuntu:18.04 to use ubuntu:18.04 as the base.
  • Use FROM ../base to inherit from the file at ../base/Layerfile relative to the current Layerfile
  • Use FROM /base to inherit from the file at (repo root)/base/Layerfile)
  • Use FROM to inherit from the shared Layerfile library configuration rails:2.7.1
  • Use FROM my-org/base:v1.0.0 to inherit from a common image for your organization in the shared Layerfile library