FROM [source]

The FROM instruction tells what base to use to run tests from.

There can only be one FROM line in a Layerfile, and it must always be the first directive in the Layerfile.

For now, only FROM vm/ubuntu:18.04 and FROM vm/ubuntu:22.04 are allowed as a top level, but inheriting from other Layerfiles is possible.

Ubuntu 22.04 is only supported if the “Use new hypervisor for faster snapshots” setting is enabled, otherwise the run will fail with an internal error.


  • Use FROM vm/ubuntu:18.04 to use ubuntu:18.04 as the base.
  • Use FROM ../base to inherit from the file at ../base/Layerfile relative to the current Layerfile
  • Use FROM /base to inherit from the file at (repo root)/base/Layerfile)
  • Use FROM to inherit from the shared Layerfile library configuration rails:2.7.1
  • Use FROM my-org/base:v1.0.0 to inherit from a common image for your organization in the shared Layerfile library