Ghost Inspector allows you to easily create automated browser tests for your websites and web applications. Ensure everything works and looks the way it should. No coding required.

Using the npx command that comes with Node.js you can run a command using the Ghost Inspector CLI without having to install it first. By default the Ghost Inspector CLI will exit successfully even if a suite or test fails, but you can use the --errorOnFail flag to exit unsuccessfully and fail the build.

Example Layerfile

# Expose the Ghost Inspector API key as an environment variable

# Run your Ghost Inspector suite
# Replace (suite ID) with the appropriate Ghost Inspector suite ID
RUN npx ghost-inspector suite execute (suite ID) \

Setting up Ghost Inspector with

Your Ghost Inspector API key can be found on the main page of your Ghost Inspector account. This can then be stored and accessed using’s secrets manager, under the name GHOST_INSPECTOR_API_KEY.

More information on how to integrate Ghost Inspector with your pipeline, including how to configure notifications can be found here.