You have the option to send custom templated messages to channels such as BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, and Slack.

Messages can include blocks such as the build speed chart, custom scripts, layerfile statuses, links to preview environments, performance graphs for individual pages, site performance graphs, regular text, etc.

To build your custom templated message, select the repository you wish to send a message for on each commit, then select the “Notification Channel” dropdown in the top-bar and build your template however you wish.

Select a Repository.

Select a Notification Channel.

After you’ve built your template, head over to the “Settings” tab and select the channel(s) that you want your template to be sent to.

Select the channels you want to send the template to.

Finally, click on the “Save” button in the top bar. Now, everytime you open a commit, your templated message will be sent to the selected notification channel(s)

Save the repository components.

Control Slack Messages

To control what slack messages are send to the connected channel add a Skip remaining if block to your template. The Skip remaining if block allows you to specify a branch name and equality to determine whether or not to render the rest of the message. If the statement is evaluated to be TRUE the remaining blocks in the template will be skipped. If the Skip remaining if block is the first block in the template the message will not be sent.

Slack Notification Channel

For a tutorial on how to send messages to a Slack channel, check out the video below: